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Fashionbi is a data and insights provider in the Fashion & Luxury industry.

Fashionbi data centre monitors 3,500+ brands in 90 countries, along with assessing the financial performance of 2,000 companies. Fashionbi pools in intelligence from across the globe and brings you the top insights, helping you develop a robust plan.

Fashionbi has won the Luxury Daily award for the Best Researcher of the Year, for its comprehensive examination of the trends on both the marketing and consumer side of the Fashion & Luxury world.

Having a privileged data-driven approach, Fashionbi provides on-demand database, reports and consultancy to 1500+ clients, including some of the most famous brands of Fashion and Luxury across EU, US and Asia.

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Market Trend Analysis

Understand market trends and generate insights

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Financial Insights

Benchmark and get brands’ financial KPIs

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Digital Auditing

Audit your brand media presence

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Web3 Services

Envision your new web3 positioning

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