Digital Auditing

Do you want to audit your brand's media presence?

Evaluate your digital presence with Fashionbi.

Whether you want to review your existing marketing strategy or identify new channels, our thorough digital audit will give you the complete picture.

Fashionbi will assess the performance of your brand and competitors.

With Fashionbi, you can read between the lines and get data-driven insights that can be put into practice immediately to drive real results.

Fashionbi can analyse all global social media channels, such as Instagram, TikTok, Weibo, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, and many others. We can analyse e-commerce performance and its cross-channel results from social media. We also do qualitative content analysis for brand influencers, fashion show performance, campaign success, product launches and so on.

Digital Auditing by Fashionbi includes the below insights and more:

Digital presence audit

Social media performance monitoring and reporting

E-commerce analysis

Competitor benchmarking

Influencer Marketing

Digital campaign performance analysis

Our Success Stories

Fashionbi works with some of the top brands and companies globally.

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