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Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987 with a quest to create a range of superlative products for the skin, hair and body. We are committed to using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredi...

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Aesop Flash News

  • Aesop to Host Women’s Literature Library Event

    Aesop is organising the Women’s Literature Library Event with the theme “A Tale of Two Cities” across China from March 1 to March 17.


  • Aesop Opens Seochon Store in Seoul

    Aesop launches its Seochon store in Seoul with architectural partner Samuso Hyojadong, showcasing inspiration from Jeongja, an open traditional Korean pavilion.


  • Aesop Keeps on Running in its Expansion Track

    After four outlets in New York City, one in Rome and One in Hong Kong, Aesop plans to open a new store in Seattle.


  • L'Oréal Fully Acquires Aesop

    L'Oréal has officially completed its acquisition of Aesop at a value of $2,58 billion.


  • Aesop Unveils New Store

    After completing a decade in the previous venue, Aesop relocates to a new larger property on the High Street of Marylebone.


  • L’Oreal To Expand Aesop in China

    After the successful acquisition of Aesop for $2.5bn, L’Oreal will contribute to expanding the brand in China and travel retail.


  • Aesop: A Gender-Neutral Brand

    Elle names Aesop as one of the 20 Gender-Neutral beauty brands. In addition to being inclusive and efficient, the brand serves everyone.


  • Aesop gets bought by L'oreal Group

    Aesop, previously owned by Natura Group from Brazil, gets bought by L'oreal Group.


  • Aesop store transformed into a queer library

    Aesop has converted its Collins Street shop into a queer library as part of Melbourne's pride month in an effort to elevate LGBTQIA+ perspectives. As part of Pride Month and an ongoing global endeavour, the store distributed book...


  • Aesop opens a new store on Regent street london

    The well-known Regent Street in London is now home to the newest physical presence of the skincare company Aesop. The brand's internal design team worked on the new Aesop location, which aims to combine classic style to reflect t...


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