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Accessories / Active Wear / Apparel / Bags / Denim / Shoes / Swimwear / Underwear & Lingerie

This began as early as the 17th century when the forebears of the later company founders, Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer, whose initials still make up the company logo today, traded in linen and...

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August Brenninkmeijer

Brand Strategy

Market segment

Mass Market

Core business



Men, Women, Kids



+49 211 98720

C&A Flash News

  • C&A reveals New Mexico Outlet

    After looping in Grupe Alfar for market expansion, C&A unveiled the first outlet in Averanda shopping centre, Cuernavaca, Mexico.


  • C&A Embraces AI with Palantir

    C&A loops in Palantir Technologies to involve AI for purchase recommendations and inventory management.


  • C&A Gives a Sustainable SS23 Collection

    C&A had dropped the Spring/Summer 2023 collection crafted from Recover, the recycled cotton fibre sourced from textile waste.


  • Tommy Hilfiger Accelerate sustainable development

    Tommy Hilfiger joined in HIGG which is a sustainable apparel alliance, and H&M, Amazon, C&A also inside these group.


  • C&A in to sell pre-owned fashion

    Retail giant C&A is pairing up with online pre-owned fashion platform Carou for a partnership to sell second-hand clothing.


  • C&A announced 2Q20 revenue

    C&A announced 2Q20 revenue Total net revenue was R$1,175.6 million, 299.2% higher than in 2Q20, it was 6.7% lower than 2Q19; Same-store sales were 303.9% higher than in 2Q20; Investment in 2Q21 totaled R$141.6 million, a 212....


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