A Closer Look at the OTB Group's Performance

From Jil Sander to Diesel: A comprehensive guide on the group and its brands’ key highlights in 2022.


30 June, 2023

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OTB SpA's turnover has seen a 12% increase from 2021 to 2022. At the end of 2022, the revenue was 1,743 million euro which was driven by the group’s business in luxury (Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, and Jil Sander).

In 9 months, under OTB’s management, Jil Sander had an upturn in its positioning in the global luxury market due to the compelling vision of the creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier. There was a 61% increase in performance from 2021. OTB Spa took a decisive approach to the extension and incorporation of the brand.

In the case of Maison Martin Margiela, the revenue was 24% higher than in 2021. The reason behind this immense progression in the last years is the appropriate creative direction of John Galliano. Additionally, the commencement of the new Maison Margiela headquarters in Place des ÉtatsUnis in the emblematic XVI arrondissement of Paris uplifted the turnover.

Through the guidance of the creative director Francesco Risso, Marni faced a credible brand positioning with crucial marketing and product investments. This proposal, in turn, garnered Marni a flourishing audience worldwide and initiated a global-level Marni community.

Diesel continues its favorable shift as an alternative-to-luxury brand. There is a notable investment in communication, product development, and stores. With the changes, the brand’s products (such as the 1DR bag) engaged a global audience. With the first-ever inclusive fashion show in Milan and the virtual NFT community, Diesel became a famous brand, becoming one of the top 10 hottest brands of 2022, according to Lyst Index Q3 2022.

Let us take a deep look at the key factors approached by the group for the year 2022 that played a crucial role in the hike in turnover.

OTB Group’s Key Fundamental Aspects

Expansion in retail and direct channels

OTB went on to invest in its growth in direct channels in 2022. They opened 73 directly operated stores to enhance their performance in international markets, especially in Korea, China, and the United States. With the launch of an omnichannel MOON platform for Maison Martin Margiela, which was already an operating model for Diesel in 2020 and Marni in 2021, the group saw a significant boost in e-commerce sales. Maison Margiela had a whole website makeover to mark its arrival on the platform. With this, the group continued to face an optimistic elevation in online sales trends in 2022.

The most focused regions are the Asia-pacific and the USA with Europe. OTB claims that their major milestone of 2022 was the opening of the largest OTB retail store in JC Plaza luxury mall in Shanghai, China. Moreover, the group made a consolidated presence in South Korea. In addition to the subsidiary built in 2021, they have opened 15 stores and invested in communication and marketing strategies. While considering North America, OTB consolidated its retail stores by launching 13 stores in major cities, such as Maison Margiela in Dallas and Honolulu, Jil Sander in Miami and New York, and Diesel in Montreal and Toronto.

Europe, the region considered to be the historic base of the group, encountered some serious investments in their workplace, employee well-being, and to elevate the positioning of the group and its brands. The new Maison Margiela headquarters in Place des États-Unis in Paris is one of the parts of this strategy. In 2022, the group also took their step into a real estate development project at the Ex-Scalo di Porta Romana area, Milan. It is to be developed into an international luxury hub, which will house the new headquarters of Marni and Jil Sander by 2025.

Innovations in Digital World

OTB Group has a division entirely dedicated to the design and development of products and content in the virtual world, called BVX (Brave Virtual Xperience). Recently, they created Diesel’s pioneer NFT Collection, known as D:VERSE, as well as guaranteed access to an exclusive edition of physical products, invites to events, and providing opportunities for the users to join in a community for meet-ups and to share their experiences gained in the metaverse.

From June 2022, OTB signed-in almost 300,000 Marni, Jil Sander, and Maison Margiela’s products on a Blockchain channel created by Aura Blockchain Consortium, where it serves as a founding member. OTB created a new record on the blockchain and incorporated an NFC tag in its products. By this approach, the group designed a digital certificate in authenticity, an accessory that assures transparency and offers access to new services aligned with promising product value and avoids counterfeiting, for its clients.

Take on Sustainability

Along with its brands, OTB joined a worldwide coalition of companies involved in conferring best strategies and working in a team to brainstorm solutions in order to decrease the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment, known in the name of The Fashion Pact. The group was also keen on supporting the development of the Re.Crea Consortium, in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and other major names in the luxury industry of Italy. The consortium focuses on reflecting the Extended Producer Responsibility of the European directive, regarding textile waste and research for seeking effective recycling solutions.

Furthermore, OTB Foundation intervenes in social emergencies, including conflict outbreaks in Ukraine. They greeted the 443 refugees who entered Italy. The foundation has commenced Solidarity Emporiums to help those in a financial crisis by distributing basic requisites. For women’s empowerment, OTB has introduced scholarships, such as the Brave Women Awards which takes care of the finance of a master's degree at the Bocconi University, and various projects that offer genuine support against violence over gender.

Industrial Model

The group’s growth was aided by the constant evolution in production platforms, improvement in logistics, and the consolidation of Jil Sander and Staff International (in terms of production). In 2022, Staff International built four separate units for ready-to-wear, shoes and bags, and logistics and licenses, to enhance the efficiency.

OTB still promotes the C.A.S.H. project, which was launched in 2013. This plan will guarantee the suppliers seek payment in advance for the group’s brand invoice. At the end of 2022, the total payment was estimated to be above 450 million euro.

The OTB Group believes that one of the main factors that led them to the capital market is their easy take in growth and evolution. With this positive result, OTB group has taken further steps to conclude its 2023-2025 strategy and validated its goal-driven approach to the consistent growth in target and potential investments in the luxury industry.

Cover Image: OTB - Stitched With Bravery, courtesy OTB LinkedIn Page