All you need to know about the VIA Treasure Trunk NFT by Louis Vuitton

How luxury brand limits the access to its exclusive NFTs

Technology in Fashion

20 June, 2023

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What is VIA Treasure Trunk?

VIA is Louis Vuitton’s new voyage of the creation with Web3. Through VIA, Louis Vuitton is building a new community of the Maison. Louis Vuitton plans to propose 2 to 3 immersive drops per year for the next 3 years at least.

The VIA Treasure Trunk is soul-bound (i.e. non-transferable and non-fungible token). The client cannot resell the NFT, after acquiring a trunk, it’s connected to the client identity and cannot be transferred to another person. The VIA reassure Trunk grants the possibility to purchase exclusive products, whether digital or phygital (meaning digital collectibles with possibility to claim its physical twin), and also gives access to privileged experiences. The VIA Treasure Trunk has a limited availability of 201 collectibles.​

The purchase of the VIA Treasure Trunk is necessary to enter the VIA community. Sale of the VIA Treasure Trunk is final, which means that it cannot be returned or refunded except in France, UK, and Germany where client has a legal right to change the mind within 14 days from the date of the order. Each customer can purchase only one VIA Treasure Trunk