Brands’ Take on In-Game Advertising

Strategies and actions followed by brands in the gaming ad market.

Technology in Fashion

23 October, 2023

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The younger generation is spending their time mostly in the gaming world. Over 3 billion people are active gamers worldwide. With that, the brands have an opportunity to access those users through in-game advertising. As gaming is becoming a mainstream leisure, the gaming ad market is set to touch $20,7 billion by 2032. The total number of video gamers is estimated to reach 3,3 billion by 2024, with 1,5 billion from Asia alone. It is also found that around 20% of gamers are under 18 in the US. This gives a narrowed window for the brands to target Gen Z consumers.

According to The Media Leader, gamers are spending on average twice the time they see on other channels, watching the in-game ads. The Drum estimated that over 93% of the US and UK marketers are in plans to fully utilise in-game ads by 2025. Some brands such as Gucci and Nike have already stepped into the gaming world. Let us have a look at the strategies they opted for with the gaming industry.