Fashion Brands Embracing ‘Barbiecore’

List of Barbie-branded collaborations and capsule collections released by the prominent fashion brands.


11 August, 2023

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Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the movie ‘Barbie’ received major attention even prior to its release. The movie was theatrically released on July 21, 2023. It garnered positive reviews with the box office of $795 million in 2 weeks.

For the movie premiere and promotions, Robbie was seen wearing various luxury brands’ iconic outfits. She wore Versace’s pink-white skirt suit with a mini-bag, pink phone, and boater hat at the Seoul Premiere. At the same premiere, she went with a pink Versace shimmering bodice and bobbinet skirt. Other Versace outfits include a high-neck knit and metallic pink pleated skirt, and shimmery body-armour mini dress for a fan event and party in Sydney. For the London premiere, Robbie wore a couture gown and printed skirt suit from Vivienne Westwood. She was in Schiaparelli Haute Couture’s black gown inspired by Barbie's ‘Solo in the Spotlight' look in 1960. While travelling for a promotion, she grabbed a modern look from Bottega Veneta. The actress’s 1992 Barbie 'Totally Hair' appearance was designed by Emilio Pucci. She was dressed in a skirt suit from Moschino SS15 in Seoul’s press conference and a vintage mini-dress from Moschino SS19 between the events. Additionally, her wardrobe included Valentino (polka-dot dress in Los Angeles photocall and pink mini dress at The Kelly Clarkson Show), Prada (gingham two-piece in CinemaCon), and Herve Leger (black and white swimsuit originally clothed on the doll in 1959).

Since the announcement of the film, many brands have shown their interest in ‘Barbie’ by releasing various collections. Brand collaborations are not a new concept when it comes to the Barbiecore world. However, the total number of Barbie-branded collections has been enormous.