Fashion Enters The Metaverse

Fashion Industry’s Growing Obsession with Blockchain, NFTs, Digital Wearables & Virtual Worlds

Technology in Fashion

29 May, 2023

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What is the Metaverse?

The newest buzzword surrounding fashion and technology is Metaverse. But what does this frequently used term mean?

Metaverse has been a concept much of Silicon Valley has been talking about for a while. However, for the layman, it only became popular when social media giant Facebook rebranded itself as ‘Meta’. In an introductory video, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta (previously Facebook) explained the concept of Metaverse to millions. As he swiped through digital outfits or looked for his virtual avatar, metaverse experts retorted that the company’s attempt at defining the metaverse fell short.

The reason why it is hard to describe the metaverse is because there is no single consensus on its definition. With ever evolving technology, the metaverse is left to technology literates and consumers to simultaneously explore and cultivate. To put it very simply, it’s the version 3.0 of the web, the first two being transmission of information and creating a sharing economy. Many predict that it will be an entirely virtual environment, with people, places, things, all of it being virtual, digitally produced. Access to this virtual reality will be through Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.