How Alo Yoga aims to bring Wellness to the Metaverse

Exploring Alo Yoga's Journey from Virtual Wellness Experiences to Crypto Acceptance, NFTs, and Metaverse Collaborations

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29 May, 2023

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How Alo Yoga aims to bring Wellness to the Metaverse

Alo Yoga is an athleisure brand from LA, USA that focuses on apparel for Yoga. The brand has activated a few metaverse projects in the last few months.

Alo Yoga introduced itself to the digital world by launching itself on Roblox in February 2022. In line with the brand’s ethos, they organised an immersive wellness experience on the metaverse platform. The goal for this project was to bring mental health support to a global community.

Alongside the virtual project, the brand also donated to mental health initiatives with each user that joined the Roblox event within the Alo Sanctuary through our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, Alo Gives. The project titled ‘The Alo Sanctuary Experience’ started out by users creating their avatar and entering the virtual world created by Alo. Users could meditate, take a yoga class or focus on mindfulness activities.

The brand also introduced its first digital fashion collection adding a storefront to the virtual world of Alo Yoga. The users can earn the exclusive items from the collection by collecting orbs found throughout, and participating in the mindful movement and guided meditation offerings. The brand bridged the virtual experience with the physical world by organising in-person events during New York Fashion Week.

In June 2022, the brand started accepting cryptocurrency for e-commerce purchases and would offer customers paying with crypto a free month of Alo Moves, its online fitness class subscription. Alo Yoga partnered with MoonPay to release Aspen Collection NFTs. The NFTs were in the form of a Digital Certificate of Authenticity. Owners received rewards such as personalised shopping with their private client manager and an exclusive access to the Alo Wellness Club.

In March 2023, the brand teamed up with another metaverse platform. By partnering with The Sandbox, the brand introduced a collection of digital Alo wearables. This coincided with Paris Fashion Week. The collection was unisex to be used by avatars and could be worn in multiple metaverse platforms. Although introduced initially in The Sandbox, the digital wearables are compatible with Zepeto, Roblox, Decentraland, ReadyPlayerMe, RecRoom, VRChat, TikTok and Snapchat as reported by Forbes.

As an extension of its already existing metaverse projects, Alo Yoga also participated in Metaverse Fashion Week in March 2023 in Decentraland. The brand hosted meditation classes during the event where digital avatars of Decentraland users could come visit the virtual space to engage in wellness. The sessions were scheduled every day for 15 minutes during the event. The event was summarised by the brand as -

Alo is offering all MVFW23 attendees energizing morning yoga sessions, in the central MVFW23 Runway area - each morning begins the day of fast-paced fashion with a moment of clarity - guided yoga, meditation and mindfulness instructional videos, the entire audience can follow along using 3 free yoga pose emotes Alo is gifting - the Triangle, Warrior and Lotus poses.

The session included a video of a meditation instructor which was played on multiple screens across the virtual arena created for Metaverse Fashion Week. The session was a part of the major events happening during the 4 day Fashion Week, alongside many other brands such as Mango, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger etc.

Cover Image and Article Image: Courtesy Alo Yoga website