Retail Strategies for the Zalphas

How can brands and retailers communicate with the younger audience and their parents?

Sectors & Markets

08 December, 2023

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Zalphas is the group between Gen Z and Gen Alpha from the age of 9 to 14, comprising teens and preteens. The preteens are in a rebellious phase and beginning or already in independence but still in need of their parents in every way. Even though they have a lack of self-transportation for shopping, they are active in online purchasing. However, the teens are fully aware of both digital and physical aspects of their environment and have their own opinions.

With this, the Zalphas are getting their own division with separate engagement rules. The clothing market of children is gradually becoming one of the crucial sectors in the retail landscape. According to Statista, its worth is $272,3 billion in 2023 and is estimated to reach $300,4 billion by 2027 worldwide.