Stray Kids Step into the Major Leagues

Be it Tommy Hilfiger or Louis Vuitton, the K-pop band is straying from domestic to international.


01 November, 2023

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Stray Kids is a K-Pop band owned by JYP Entertainment. It was founded in March 2018 with eight members. Now, the band is one of the most popular K-pop groups on a global level with a net worth of over $30 million, generating more than $6 million per year. The band has also been involved in various collaborations with brands from various ranges such as Nacific, CLIO Cosmetics, SLBS, PROSPECS, Versace and Louis Vuitton.

Band’s Popularity

Stray Kids has always been the talk of the town from time to time. The search interest in the brand for the past year did not decline to a bare minimum. The country that recorded a higher search interest was Mexico, followed by Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Australia, and Russia.

In March 2023, the group’s videos garnered a total of 164 million streams, leading it to be the 2nd most-streamed K-Pop boy group. The top viewership was recorded in Japan with 32,9 million streams.

Stray Kids has three No.1 hits on Billboard with 3 Top 10 Hits. With their album 5-STAR, the group forwarded from No. 97 to No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart. The band is the second K-pop group to hold the No.1 position for at least three weeks. It has made it into the Top 100 chart on the music streaming platform of South Korea, Melon.

More than that, their upcoming projects are estimated to earn them a fee of around $48,29 million. Bang Chan, the leader of the group, has a net worth of $5 million, followed by Changbin at $3,5 million, Lee Know at $3 million, Felix between $1 million and $5 million, Han, Hyunjin, and IN at $1,5 million, and Seungmin at $1,4 million.

According to K-Pop Juice, Felix has been voted as the most popular of the band with total votes of 164.509, whereas Hyunjin and Lee Know were voted second (145.031 votes) and third (127.676 votes).

Joining Forces with Luxury Fashion Brands

From supporting local companies to endorsing global brands, Stray Kids have increased their group’s experience in doing unique and, at the same time, famous collaborations that can engage their global audience.

Stray Kids with Tommy Hilfiger and ETRO

In September 2021, Lee Know, Felix, and Hyunjin starred in Etro’s Earthbeat sneakers campaign. Its YouTube video reached 741,5K views and 170K likes. The brand also posted the video on Facebook which recorded 105K views and 20K likes. On Twitter, it earned 22K reposts and 70K likes. This marked the band’s official entrance to the Luxury industry. Stray Kids released the making video of the collection on their official YouTube channel. It was seen by 539,2K users and received 127K likes.

Two years later, in the same month, Tommy Hilfiger announced the band as its official Asian ambassador. It recorded 187,8K likes and 1,4K comments on Instagram and a total of 64,6K likes and 19,9K retweets on Twitter. They are the faces of the brand’s Fall 2023 campaign Always Together.

Hyunjin with Versace

Hyunjin was appointed as Versace’s global ambassador in July 2023. The post announcing his entry to the brand has been in the top position from June to October 2023 with 599,3K more likes and 16,6K more comments than the average posts on Instagram. The tweet about the news earned the brand 2,13 million impressions and 82,4K likes. The house’s average engagement per tweet was 28K.

Before joining, he was spotted at the official launch of the brand’s pop-up store in Seoul. In May 2023, he attended Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa’s La Vacanza collection show in Cannes, France. The brand’s post featuring him on the show reached 21 million users and 23 million impressions on Instagram. The singer is looped in for the Holiday 2023 campaign.

Felix with Louis Vuitton

In August 2023, Louis Vuitton added Felix to its long list of global brand ambassadors including Zendaya, Jung Hoyeon, Chloe Grace Moretz, Taeywon, and others. On the house’s Instagram page, the post about his arrival reached 39 million users and had 42,9 million impressions. The average Instagram post generates 3,9 million reaches and 4,3 million impressions. The singer and BTS’s J-Hope shared the Top 5 posts positions for the last five months with the first and third positions taken by him. On Twitter, even though his posts were placed on almost all the Top 12 posts positions, the first place was secured by J-Hope and the Keepall post from August to September 2023. Felix’s top tweet earned 2,6 million impressions and 82K likes. The brand account’s average engagement per tweet is 546K. He was seen at the brand’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection show in Seoul.

I.N To Be with Alexander McQueen

I.N. was spotted wearing Alexander McQueen’s AW23 collection at the MTV Video Music Awards 2023. His looks were posted on the brand’s Instagram account. It generated 188,6 likes and 8,3K likes. Usually, the average posts on the account reached just 43,2K likes and 222 comments. This has anticipated many to expect if the I.N. is the next official brand ambassador of Alexander McQueen.

He attended Alexander McQueen’s ANATOMY II SS24 women’s collection show at the Paris Fashion Week. The tweet about his arrival reached 1,3 million users and gained 20K retweets and 66K likes. The average engagement per tweet on the house’s official Twitter account is 21,2K.

Cover Image: S-Class Music Video from 5-Star, courtesy Teen Vogue.