The Fashion “Ludo”

How Leading Creative Directors Are Switching Roles Between Luxury Brands

Fashionbi Ludo

27 December, 2023

Table of contents

Choosing The Right Talent

Fashion brands’ owners have always been standing on thin ice when it comes to choosing the right leader for their labels. Be it the artistic director or the creative director, the ideal candidate has to be in a position to think uniquely to brainstorm creative ideas for the brands. Choosing the right leader for a fashion brand is crucial because the person in charge can significantly impact the brand's direction, success, and overall image.

With a lot of pressure to appoint the right one, the various business leaders within the fashion industry have been following a similar pattern in order to keep their brands from stagnating.

The Ludo Game with the Creative Directors

In the current industry landscape, familiar names frequently undergo affiliations with various fashion houses over time. This dynamic cycle of creative directors in the realm of fashion empires has contributed to the emergence of a select group of designers wielding influence over the present and future aesthetics of fashion.

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