Top Smart Glasses of 2024

Apple Vision Pro? Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses? Which AR smart glasses and headsets are the best in 2024?


08 March, 2024

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Apple’s Vision Pro has given the smart glass industry the required boost now. The incorporation of AR, which was meant to be for phones and tablets, into a smart glass is grabbing more attention. Consumers are now looking to invest in this market to buy the trendy glasses of Apple's Vision Pro and/or its cheaper but effective alternatives. The remarkable features of Apple's Vision Pro set it apart from other smart glasses. Apple's Vision Pro is a game-changer for enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals seeking an immersive and cutting-edge augmented reality experience. Whether you choose Apple's Vision Pro, you can be assured of a seamless integration of AR technology into your daily life. The popularity and demand for Apple Vision Pro highlight the shift towards augmented reality in the smart glass industry.

The Smart Buy Glasses have set a new standard in the eyewear industry by integrating cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology. These glasses provide users with an immersive and interactive experience, seamlessly blending the digital and physical worlds. Augmented reality smart glasses, also referred to as smart glasses or AR glasses, can be a perfect medium to create a sophisticated retail experience in the stores. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and high-resolution displays, these AR glasses offer real-time information overlay, interactive notifications, and personalized visual content. From navigating city streets to accessing contextual information, the Smart Buy Glasses have redefined convenience in everyday life.

With the touchscreen system, these innovative AR smart glasses can help customers with their intentions to purchase products. Compared to traditional AR rooms, these devices will have an advanced immersion, decreased mental intangibility, and enhanced shopping experience. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, partnered with Luxottica, the leading eyewear company, to create smart glasses in 2020. It commenced with Ray-Ban in 2021. Other renowned brands such as Giorgio Armani and Versace have also collaborated with Luxottica to produce wearable AR. The emergence of AR smart glasses is revolutionizing the way we perceive vision and interact with the world around us. By integrating cutting-edge technology into sleek and stylish designs, these smart glasses offer a seamless and immersive experience. Whether it's exploring virtual worlds through a VR headset or leveraging the power of AR to enhance our daily lives, smart glasses have the potential to transform our reality. So, if you're looking to embrace the future of vision, look no further than these remarkable smart glasses.

Here are the AR smart glasses and headsets that will rule 2024.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro has seamlessly integrated the visual landmass with physical space. This revolutionary technology makes app navigation quicker and easier for users, regardless of whether they prefer voice, hands, or eyes. The display of Apple Vision Pro boasts an impressive number of pixels, surpassing even that of a 4K TV. To ensure a perfect fit, the device comes equipped with a light seal cushion and headbands. Furthermore, the EyeSight system allows others to see where your gaze is directed. Close proximity to someone wearing Apple Vision Pro means they can observe the content you are currently watching or using. The possibilities of this groundbreaking technology are truly endless. Apple Vision Pro has firmly established itself as a leader in the AR glasses market, unlocking a new era of immersive visual experiences. Whether it's exploring virtual worlds or enhancing everyday tasks, Apple Vision Pro is the ultimate companion for tech enthusiasts.

The Apple Vision Pro brings an innovative approach to virtual reality (VR) by allowing users to capture 3D spatial images and videos. With this device, users have the option to record videos using the advanced camera capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro and seamlessly view them on the Vision Pro. One notable aspect of the Vision Pro is its integration of spatial audio, which enhances the immersive experiences it offers. Additionally, the device features FaceTime video projections, ensuring that users can stay connected with their loved ones in a more engaging way.

The Apple Vision Pro not only caters to VR enthusiasts but also provides a platform for various applications. Users can multitask by accessing other apps and even sharing their screens while participating in FaceTime sessions. This versatility enhances the overall user experience. Moreover, the device boasts a battery life of 2-2.5 hours, ensuring that users can delve into their virtual worlds for extended periods of time. Its highly-performing eye tracking and sensor arrays further contribute to a seamless and immersive VR experience.

This Vision Pro Apple Goggles sets a new standard in the realm of VR technology. By seamlessly integrating various features and offering a user-friendly interface, Apple continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of virtual reality. Whether you are a casual user or a professional, the Apple Vision Pro has something to offer.

VisionOS developing company Obsess is partnering with E.l.f. cosmetics, J.Crew and Mytheresa to launch a virtual closet experience app that is compatible with the Apple Vision Pro. J.Crew has a Virtual Closet app that uses SharePlay, features to share while on FaceTime, and chatbox to connect with expert stylists of the brand or put on group calls to have opinions from others.


  • Spatial system
  • Best video passthrough
  • Seamless working with Apple habitation
  • 3D landscape


  • Very costly - $3499 at the Apple shop
  • Video passthrough can be blurry
  • Stressful and frustrating eye and hand tracking system.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, also known as the Ray-Ban Meta, are the perfect companion for social media enthusiasts. These innovative smart glasses are equipped with a remarkable 12MP camera, allowing users to capture memorable moments in photos and videos from their unique perspective. With its built-in live streaming capability, users can instantly share their experiences with friends and followers not only on Instagram but across various other platforms as well. All the captured media can be conveniently stored on your mobile phone, ensuring that precious memories are never lost.

These Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses allow its users to make calls and listen to music from the linked device. By incorporating the top-notch functionality of smart glasses with a built-in camera, Ray-Ban has truly revolutionized the eyewear industry. So, whether you're an adventurous traveler, an avid music lover, or a passionate storyteller, these smart glasses are the perfect choice for you.

The Ray Ban Smart glasses have been incorporated with AI technology to make the live streaming easy for the users and voice recognising the “Hey Meta” service. There is a capture button and hyper-responsive touchpad along with a Meta View app to install on the device. It comes with a charging case. The Meta glasses come at a cost of $329.

These Ray Ban Camera Glasses have the extraordinary ability to recognize the landmarks in their environment, making them a truly unique accessory. Not only do they capture images flawlessly, but they also have the remarkable capacity to translate and display image captions. What sets them apart is their capability to suggest suitable matches for clothes and accessories. It must be noted, however, that Meta's Early Access program restricts access to these cutting-edge features, making them exclusive to a select number of users. The purpose, of course, is to gather valuable feedback and further enhance the ray ban meta glasses experience. In a similar vein as Apple Vision Pro, it brings its own innovative approach to the realm of smart eyewear.


  • Improved camera quality.
  • Fashionable and trendy
  • Touch and voice recognition
  • Sound quality


  • Having difficulty in framing shots.
  • Audio leaking outside.
  • No new features on the camera.

Xreal Air 2

Along with the 130” projection of a theatre, Xreal Air 2, equipped with the advanced technology just like in Apple Vision Pro, features a full-fledged AR operating system named Nebula. It can provide the user with various apps such as Microsoft Office, PC or Mac desktops, and AR games. Close to Apple Vision Pro, its innovative technology enhances the visual experience, bringing the virtual world to life with astonishing clarity and realism. Xreal Air 2 sets a new standard for immersive entertainment and productivity.

The Air 2 has good picture quality and comes at an affordable price ($499) than the Apple. It can be connected with a USB-C cable to another device to get the 130” display. However, if it is connected to a Mac or Android phone that has the Nebula app, the user can land on the AR platform. It will provide them with a 100” physical canvas featuring things that can be moved, swiped and dragged. These glasses are known to be the most fashionable piece.

Xreal Air 2 was chosen to be the official wearable technology sponsor for the 2023 Silicon Valley Fashion Week. Recently, Xreal added a new feature on the Ultra of these smart glasses - dual 3D space sensors with capabilities of computer vision which can convert physical objects into digital ones. This feature can assist brands in changing their physical products into digital items that can be used to prove their authenticity.


  • The widest view of the display
  • Reliable AR system
  • Comfortable and light fit
  • Colourful and bright image.


  • Tinted audio
  • An additional accessory is needed to access the whole AR features.
  • No myopia focus dials
  • Inserting prescription lenses is costly.

Rokid Max

Rokid Max is marketed as the best alternative to Apple Vision Pro in terms of its AR frames and affordability. It offers 1080p picture quality (better than Xreal Air 2) with a portable USB monitor that can be plugged into any device that is compatible such as Xbox, Playstation, Steam Deck, and Switch. The glasses provide 50-degree and 215” views with focal adjustments to fit any eye type.

These AR glasses can touch up to 600 Nits to get a bright and vibrant display for every video and game. Rokid Max makes an attempt to provide professional-style acoustics and a lightweight model (75g). It is certified by TÜV Rhineland on Flicker-Free, Eye Comfort (AR), and Low Blue Light tests. The price of Rokid Max is $379.

Rokid Max, like Apple Vision Pro, can provide adaptive reality filters that optimise visuals by scanning the environment to give an immersive experience. This can be a useful factor in the in-store retail experience. It also allows the users to socially share the AR experience with their friends and followers.


  • Focus adjustment service
  • Bright and vibrant coloured pictures
  • Wide view
  • Light and comfortable


  • Limited AR features.
  • Not a fashionable one.

Amazon Echo Frames

The Apple Vision Pro Amazon Echo Frames, renowned for its exceptional audio quality, represents the 3rd generation of Alexa-driven smart glasses. Available in five models, these smart glasses allow users to enjoy music, audiobooks, and podcasts, make calls, and control their smart home devices using voice commands through Bluetooth connectivity. This wearable AI seamlessly combines fashion and the power of Alexa AI.

These glasses are the right fit for Alexa users. It has blue-light, sun-filtered, and prescription-driven lens options. The Echo Frames are classic in style and can be worn every day. The model is created with sustainable materials and it can last up to 6 hours on continuous usage and 12 hours on moderate usage.


  • Has a vibe of regular glasses.
  • Comes with the features of Alexa


  • No audio bass system
  • Does not have a case charging.

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 is a similar one to Apple Vision Pro but with a lower price range. It offers high-resolution display quality, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, and 40% louder acoustics. Its battery life can last up to 3 hours. For the storage of 128GB, the price is staked at $399 and $649 for 512GB.

The model offers different bundles to purchase - a comfort bundle for just a head strap and a Power bundle for the advanced strap and extra battery. The view of the field covers 110” x 96” with the whole colour passing through the frame.

Meta Quest 3 smart glasses is one of the game-changing devices that creates a revolution in AR and VR shopping. The advanced features in these smart glasses allow users to interact with items in the real world. It has improved graphic stability and fidelity. These smart glasses can offer an immersive try-on and visualization of clothes and accessories while shopping. Meta is also planning full-body tracking in its upcoming model of smart glasses, which can be a huge asset for clothing, accessories, and even cosmetics brands.


  • Colourful and vibrant display
  • Outstanding Touch Plus controls
  • Comfortable than its predecessor.


  • Very short battery life
  • The hand tracking is not fully developed.

Image Courtesy: Virsabi, Ray-Ban, Xreal, Rokid, Amazon, WIRED.

Cover Image: Apple Vision Pro, courtesy Apple Official Website.