Top Technology Trends Influencing Fashion in 2024

From AR and VR to blockchain technology, the trends that will assist in the revision of the industry.

Technology in Fashion

08 February, 2024

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By 2030, the fashion and footwear industry is expected to touch $3,3 trillion worldwide. With the excessive need for overpopulation, the brands and companies are looking for alternatives. As consumers are already in touch with technology and digital space every day, it has become crucial for companies to loop in technology in their operations. Here are the top technology trends that can be witnessed in the fashion industry in 2024.


Artificial intelligence can be an important asset in various processes of product creation. Generative AI can be a trend forecaster, supply manager, co-designer, model as well as a buyer. XARIIA from Canada is automating pattern designing by implementing AI. Fashionade of South Korea is using AI to convert mannequins into naturalistic fashion models. Dressipi is another tool that utilises AI to help customers find apparel for their size, shape, and style.