Wimbledon And Its Fashion

The brand initiatives and encounters witnessed in Wimbledon.


31 August, 2023

Table of contents

Wimbledon is considered to be the most professional tennis tournament in the world by the fashionistas. The tournament (with a precise tennis dress code on the court and cocktail formal dress code on the stand) continues to be strictly traditional. Celebrities were using Wimbledon 2023 as a stage to express their fashion insights. Their styles became the talk of the town during the championships. Most of them flaunted quiet luxury labels, keeping the styles simple and neutral.

Many sports active brands were imprinting their footsteps in the vicinity of Wimbledon’s stature. In 2018, Adidas partnered with London label Palace Skateboards to propose a tennis-white collection to celebrate the commencement of Wimbledon. But now, the luxury brands are getting involved in announcing their strategic initiatives that are coherent with Wimbledon. As a Summer 2023 capsule, Celine unveiled its tennis collection, “La Collection Tennis Celine.” Miu Miu launched its own tennis club in an elite location in Saint-Tropez, France, offering a wider range of leisure activities and much more.