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Bershka was created in 1998 as a new brand of the Spanish group Inditex, with a new retail format that responds to the demands of a sector of young people who are interested in and highly aware of ...

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Rosalía Mera

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Mass Market

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Men, Women

Bershka Flash News

  • Bershka with NTS Radio

    Bershka has commissioned NTS Radio to work on curating music as a part of its in-store experience.


  • Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry Confirms Bershka's Return

    Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry has finally given the green light for brands such as Bershka, Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Pull&Bear to enter Ukraine again.


  • Bershka Reopens Milan Flagship

    Bershka has relaunched the Milan Flagship store with a cutting-edge interior.


  • How do people find Bershka in 2022?

    46% of the 9.5M visitors to Bershka do so directly. 10M (48%) people use Google to look them up. Contrarily, 476.5k (2% of users) find Bershka on Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. The email newsletters from Bershka bring about 165.5...


  • In 2022, which countries utilized Bershka the most?

    Spain has 3.4 million residents, making it the largest market for Bershka (16.1%).Poland is the second-largest market, with 1.8 million consumers (8.8%).Turkey comes in third with 1.7 million (or 7.9%).


  • Bershka to close Shibuya store in July 2022

    Bershka to close one of its biggest stores in Shibuya, Japan store in July 2022


  • Bershka, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius Exit China

    Inditex, the world’s largest fashion retailer, will shut the local e-commerce operations of its Bershka, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius’ brands in July 2022, shutting their T-mall stores. Zara to continue functioning.


  • Bershka introduces customization

    Bershka introduces customization with the launch of 'Custom Lab'.


  • Bershka Net sales in 2020 is 1,772

    According to Inditex FY 2020 results Bershka Net sales shown in 1,772


  • Bershka new collaboration with the anime "Evangelion"

    Bershka hopes to attract more millennial audiences through cooperation.


Bershka Revenue and Financial Report 2023

Last fiscal year ended on January 31, 2024

Revenue per year

in Millions of EUR

2018 2.240
2017 2.227
2016 2.012
2015 1.875
2014 1.664
2013 1.556
2012 1.485,45
2011 1.316,48
2010 1.247
2009 1.177
2008 1.026

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Inditex SA financial report 2023

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