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UNIQLO is a new Japanese company that ensures it provides casual clothes for all kinds of people.UNIQLO Business Strategy-Developing products of exceptionally high quality. Expanding the women's l...

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Ogori Shōj

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Mass Market

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Men, Women, Kids

Uniqlo Flash News

  • Uniqlo to Get into the Oxford Street

    Uniqlo plans for its biggest store to be opened at the Oxford Street, London.


  • Uniqlo to Set Foot in Oberoi Mall, Mumbai

    After the opening of its outlet in Phoenix Marjetcity Kurla, Uniqlo will be launching its next Mumbai store in Oberoi Mall.


  • Uniqlo Plans a New Mumbai Store

    Uniqlo plans to enter the South Indian market by opening new stores in the region, starting with a second store in Mumbai.


  • UNIQLO's Sea Cleaning Camp in Jakarta

    With Bali Environmental Education Center (PPLH Bali), UNIQLO cleaned the sea to memorialize World Oceans Day and World Environment Day.


  • Uniqlo sales fall in June 2022

    Uniqlo sales fall in June 2022, as same-store sales declined sharply year on year in June.


  • Uniqlo sees low sales in March 2022

    Uniqlo sees low sales in March 2022 in its Japan market, which fell 10,7% YoY for same-store sales. Total sales have fallen by 7,7%.


  • Uniqlo suspends business in Russia

    Casual wear giant Uniqlo will suspend operations in Russia, parent company Fast Retailing said Thursday, days after its president defended staying open in the country following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.


  • UNIQLO is announces a summer partnership with The Fresh A...

    UNIQLO announces partnership with The Fresh Air Fund to provide participating families with 1,000 pieces of our comfort conditioning AIRism innerwear, and 1,200 pieces of UNIQLO clothing


  • Uniqlo sales rise thanks to demand for loungewear

    Uniqlo sales rise in July thanks to demand for stay-at-home clothing.Same-store sales, including online, rose by 4.4 per cent year-on-year during the month.


  • Uniqlo to discontinue use of alpaca wool

    Uniqlo decides to discontinue the alpaca wool starting from the 2021 autumn/winter collection.'Our decision to discontinue the use of alpaca is part of our ongoing effort toward ethical and responsible procurement and to ensure o...


Uniqlo Revenue and Financial Report 2022

Last fiscal year ended on August 31, 2022

Revenue per year

in Billions of JPY

2014 1.129,2
2013 934,4
2012 773,1
2011 693,8
2010 678,2
2009 575,8
2009 575,8
2008 491,6

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Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. financial report 2022

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