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The Art of Education through Marketing

How to leverage marketing to educate fashion and beauty consumers?

Sectors & Markets

Retail Strategies for the Zalphas

How can brands and retailers communicate with the younger audience and their ...


ENHYPEN and SEVENTEEN are Chasing Global Appeal

The Boys of K-Pop are getting their major strikes in the fashion industry.

Technology in Fashion

Brands’ Take on In-Game Advertising

Strategies and actions followed by brands in the gaming ad market.


The Sudden Shift to Pre-Owned Goods

Why did people switch to thrift and secondhand items?

Digital marketing

TikTok’s Booming Contribution to Fashion and Beauty

The Short-Video App drives high Media Impact Value for the brands.


Wimbledon And Its Fashion

The brand initiatives and encounters witnessed in Wimbledon.

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Kering Group's Financial Performance

An in-depth dive into Kering Group's financial achievements in FY 2022 and H1...

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Luxury Fashion Market In Latin America

Latin America’s market value towards the fashion and luxury industry today.

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10 Most Successful Haute Couture Brands

Which Brands Reign Supreme In The World Of Haute Couture Fashion

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Fashion Industry in South Korea

A Deep Dive Into The Growing Fashion Industry In South Korea

Technology in Fashion

How To Do #NFT Marketing?

The Strategies Being Used By Fashion Brands To Launch Their Web3 Projects

Technology in Fashion

How Luxury Brands Entering The Metaverse

A Deep-Dive Into How Fashion Brands Are Exploring The World Of Web3

Technology in Fashion

Prada Metaverse: From Gaming into NFT

A Look At Prada’s Metaverse Project From The Viewpoint Of A Gamer

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Licensing in the Fashion Industry

Key Companies Behind Branded Beauty Products and the Accessories

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Fashion in the Middle East

Fashion Evolution in the Middle East: From Logos to Cultural Identity and E-c...