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Diwali 2023: The Ideal Season For Brands and Retailers

How can brands approach Indian consumers for this festive season?


BTS: The Unparalleled Force of K-Pop Industry

The Bangtan Boys are being chased with opportunities for their global awarene...

Sectors & Markets

K-Pop Goddesses Dominating the Luxury Industry

From stage to fashion week, how pop sensations BLACKPINK and NewJeans are bec...

Digital marketing

TikTok’s Booming Contribution to Fashion and Beauty

The Short-Video App drives high Media Impact Value for the brands.


Wimbledon And Its Fashion

The brand initiatives and encounters witnessed in Wimbledon.


Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

How the fashion Industry can achieve sustainability goals using AI.


Navigating the Key Factors of LVMH's Success

Significant product launches and events by LVMH’s Fashion & Leather Brands in...

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India: The Emerging Market of Luxury Fashion

India is to top the global pool of luxury markets and here is why.


Exploring the Hottest Brands

Top financially successful brands of 2022 and their marketing activities.

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Luxury Fashion Market In Latin America

Latin America’s market value towards the fashion and luxury industry today.

Technology in Fashion

The Web3 Approach Behind Dior’s NFC-Based B33 Sneakers

Dior’s B33 NFT Sneakers are with exceptional additions including Digital Twin.


Luxury Fashion Brands’ Never-Ending Interests In Summer Beach Clubs

List of luxury brands taking over beach clubs this summer.


A Celestial Success: The Story Behind Omega x Swatch Collection

Production, distribution, and marketing tales of the iconic Omega x Swatch co...

Digital marketing

The Most Watched FW23 Women's Fashion Shows

From Instagram to WeChat: A Comparative Analysis of the Most Viewed FW23 Wome...


What is Quiet Luxury, and why is it so popular right now?

The Leading Brands Driving The Quiet Luxury Style

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10 Most Successful Haute Couture Brands

Which Brands Reign Supreme In The World Of Haute Couture Fashion