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Fashionbi Ludo

The Disney Fashion & Beauty Ludo

Disney's Iconic Collaborations with Gucci, Coach, Givenchy, Balmain, and More...


Inside Asia's Affair with Quiet Luxury

Asia is gradually embracing quiet luxury and here is why and how.


Brands Embracing Genderless Fashion

From Tiffany & Co. and Puma to Louis Vuitton and Gucci, here is the list of f...

Sectors & Markets

Key Indian Markets to Target

Geographical markets for the fashion, beauty, and luxury industry to watch ou...

Technology in Fashion

An Overview on the State of NFT Market

Louis Vuitton’s Treasure Trunk, Prada Timecapsule, Maison Margiela’s MetaTABI...

Sectors & Markets

Kering Group's Q1 2024 Financial Results: Navigating Challenges in the Luxury Market

A detailed analysis of the Kering Group's brands Gucci, Saint Laurent, Botteg...


Sustainable Packaging 2.O

AI-driven, 3D-printed and whatnot: Innovations for eco-friendly packaging.

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The Luxury x Sportswear Fashion “Ludo”

Sportswear brands are highly sought after by luxury and jewellery brands in a...

Technology in Fashion

Top Technology Trends Influencing Fashion in 2024

From AR and VR to blockchain technology, the trends that will assist in the r...


The Art of Education through Marketing

How to leverage marketing to educate fashion and beauty consumers?

Digital marketing

Use of Transmedia in APAC

From branded mascots to audio touchpoints, the transmedia strategies that can...

Fashionbi Ludo

The Fashion “Ludo”

How Leading Creative Directors Are Switching Roles Between Luxury Brands


The Luxury Fashion Connections of K-Pop’s Solo Stars

From Jay Park to Youngji, brand collaborations signed by the standalone singe...


Fashion and Luxury Brands on 2023 Holiday Season

Loewe, Prada, Jaquemus and more: Campaigns and Collection from the high-end f...

Sectors & Markets

Retail Strategies for the Zalphas

How can brands and retailers communicate with the younger audience and their ...


Diwali 2023: The Ideal Season For Brands and Retailers

How can brands approach Indian consumers for this festive season?